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Staroar was founded in 2018 by Lucy, with strong passion on diamond painting, we are a small family business, there are 4 people in our team. We wanted to provide the best diamond painting experience for those diamond painting and handcraft lovers. 

Staroar was born from a vision to provide high-quality diamond painting kits with affordable price, special mixed drill designs and the best customer service.  

  • High Quality Tool Kit

    This tools kit is included in every single diamond painting kit you purchased. including our easy pour-spout diamond tray, high quality tweezers, diamond pen with a 4 placer and a 7 placer, A cute wax, multiple release papers to replace the cellophane which can help to complete your project more convenient. Enough quality writable bags for storage each color.

  • Premium Lint Canvas

    Our canvas is a unique wrinkle prone lint fabric, more soft and light than the normal oil canvas. the edge are well cut which makes your painting looks fabulous.

  • Patterns Design

    Pattern design is one of the most important work in diamond painting design, sometimes the diamond painting might looked very different from the original painting. We are consistently modifying the final work as close as possible to the original image.

What is Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is a fun new crafty hobby where it breaks images down into patterns. Similar to cross-stitch and Paint by Numbers, it's a great way to relax after a long stressful day. Each kit comes with thousands of diamonds, you can create the stunning DIY diamond art by applying diamonds to a labeled canvas. You can frame or mount your paintings onto a canvas to showcase your diamond painting once finished and decorate your room.

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