About us

Welcome to Staroar, my name is Lucy, the founder of Staroar Diamond Painting.

I'm a 2 years old boy's mom, a craftyholic, and a diamond-painter.

I get in touch with diamond-painting in 2018, I was a housewife at that time, after finished few diamond paintings, I decided to build my own diamond painting business:- searching for the best canvas, working with the high quality printing factory, customizing the kits and making my own designs. I'm very serious about 'Staroar' and always trying to improve the product quality. 

Thank you for reading this, If you have any feedback about staroar, or just want to ship ideas with me, you can message me on my personal instagram @lucy_from_staroar

You can watch my youtube channel as well, where I will show you the progress of my new designs. :)