Delivery & Shipping

Special Notice on Covid-19 period shipping

Dear Customer,

Recently due to the covid-19 pandemic, shipping takes longer time than usual, you may find your order is still not delivered after long time waiting, we are very sorry for keep you waiting, here we have summarized some of the frequent asked questions for your reference.

Q: I have been waiting for my parcel(s) for more than 14 days, when shall I expected to receive my parcel

A: You may check the shipping status of your order through the following link, we can't estimate the exact delivery date and shipping do takes much longer time than before[Insert your tracking number here]

Q:the shipping status was not updated for a long time

A:Generally after the item has been sent by the carrier, it will be processed and enter tracking information by the carrier. however there might be a delay between these scanning events and tracking availability in the carrier's system. Usually it takes a few days for processing, therefore the tracking information may not appear online immediately, processing might takes longer time due to the pandemic recently, please try to track again later.

Q:When will my order be shipped from

A:Currently most of the kits from our website will be shipped from our office in China. (we have a warehouse in the US however most of our kits are out of stock there)

Q:What Carrier will be shipped through in my country

A:Your parcel will be shipped through your local post (i.e USPS in US and Canada Post in CA)

Q: I have been waiting for a very long time, can I just cancel my order and get a refund

A: Orders can be canceled as long as they haven't been packed or shipped, please contact us as soon as you can through Email if you would like to cancel a order. once your order was shipped, you can't cancel it anymore. however you can return the unwanted products back to us. please return the unwanted product(s) back to us and make sure the returned items are in perfect condition, you should send back the unwanted product(s) at your own expense, we will issue the refund back to your card within 3 business days upon we received your return.

You may check the detailed return and refund policy through the following link

Any other questions? please email us
We appreciate your understanding and patience, please stay safe and happy during the special period. :)

We are Thrilled to Offer Global Shipping now, you can purchase our paintings from anywhere. 

Delivery & Shipping

Delivery Time= Processing Time + Shipping Time

Processing Time

Processing usually takes 1-3 working days

Shipping Time

Shipping Usually takes 10 - 14 days, it might takes longer time recently due to the Covid-19 pandemic

We will ship your order directly from China office with S.F Express, we will send a tracking number to your Email where you can check the status of your order.

You can check the shipping status of your package from here: 

[please insert your tracking number into the above link, select SF Express as the carrier]

Some of the US orders will be sending from our Amazon warehouse (in US) and shipping takes 3 - 7 days in this case, so don’t be surprised if you received a package from amazon. you don’t need to have an amazon account in order to receive your orders, they are just in charge of shipping which is same as the other delivery companies.

If you can't find the tracking number or have any questions, feel free to contact us through Email:


Shipping to AUSTRALIA

currently we are only able ship to the following post codes in AU, kindly have a check before order if you are in AU, moreover, P.O. Box is not acceptable in AU.

State PostCode
WA 6000-6001,6003-6012,6014-6031,6033-6038,6050-6066,6069-6073,6076-6077,6081,6090,6100-6112,6122,6147-6160,6162-6176,6180-6181,6208-6210,6809,6827,6830-6832,6849-6850,6865,6892,6900-6907,6909-6926,6929,6931-6947,6951-6957,6959-6961,6963-6970,6979-6992,6997
VIC 3000-3006,3008,3010-3013,3015-3016,3018-3034,3036-3062,3064-3068,3070-3076,3078-3079,3081-3088,3093-3095,3101-3111,3116,3121-3138,3140-3156,3161-3202,3204-3207,3212-3228,3230,3240-3242,3250,3331,3335-3338,3340,3350,3352-3358,3427,3429,3437-3438,3444,3446-3448,3450-3451,3453,3463,3515,3523,3550-3552,3554-3559,3561,3564,3612,3616-3623,3629-3632,3676-3678,3683,3685,3687-3691,3694,3730,3737-3738,3740-3741,3747,3749,3800,3802-3803,3805-3807,3809-3810,3818,3910-3913,3915-3916,3918-3920,3926-3931,3933-3934,3936-3944,3975-3977,8003,8007-8012,8015,8045,8051,8060-8061,8066,8069-8071,8102-8103,8107-8108,8111,8120,8205,8383,8386,8388,8390,8393-8394,8396,8399,8500,8511,8538,8557,8576,8622,8626-8627
TAS 7000-7002,7004-7011,7015-7019,7021,7025,7030,7050-7055,7109,7140,7170-7172,7212,7248-7250,7253,7258,7260,7262,7270,7275-7277,7290-7292,7300-7301,7303-7304,7307,7310,7315-7316,7320,7322,7325,7901-7909
SA 5000-5001,5005-5025,5031-5035,5037-5052,5061-5076,5081-5098,5106-5118,5120-5121,5125-5127,5142,5158-5174,5350-5353,5355,5371,5800,5810,5839,5860-5904,5920,5942,5950
QLD 4000-4014,4017-4022,4029-4032,4034-4037,4051,4053-4055,4059-4061,4064-4070,4072-4078,4101-4125,4127-4133,4151-4161,4163-4165,4169-4174,4178-4179,4205,4207-4230,4271-4272,4275,4280,4285,4300-4301,4303-4306,4311,4341-4347,4350,4352,4354-4364,4370,4374-4378,4380-4382,4400-4401,4403-4405,4500-4511,4519-4520,4550-4568,4570,4572-4573,4575,4650,4655,4659-4660,4662,4670-4671,4737,4740-4742,4744,4750-4751,4753,4798-4800,4802,4805-4812,4814-4818,4820,4850,4854-4856,4858-4861,4865,4868-4873,4877-4885,9000-9002,9005,9007,9009-9010,9013,9015,9464,9600,9726
NSW 1021-1022,1025-1030,1045,1100-1101,1117-1118,1120-1121,1123-1125,1128-1129,1135-1136,1140-1142,1155,1161,1169-1174,1176-1177,1186,1190,1201,1205,1207,1231,1239,1291,1314,1340,1350,1401,1405,1419-1420,1440,1481,1484-1485,1493,1560,1602,1635,1670,1685,1701,1781,1825,1851,1871,1874,2000-2002,2004,2006-2013,2015-2050,2052,2055,2057-2077,2079-2082,2084-2097,2099-2148,2150-2168,2170-2179,2190-2200,2203-2214,2216-2234,2250-2252,2256-2265,2267,2278,2280-2287,2289-2300,2302-2308,2310-2312,2314-2327,2330-2331,2333-2335,2426-2430,2439,2441,2443-2448,2450,2452-2456,2484-2490,2500,2502,2505-2506,2508,2515-2520,2522,2525-2530,2533-2535,2538-2541,2555-2560,2564-2567,2570-2580,2611,2619-2620,2640-2643,2646-2647,2650-2652,2708,2731,2745,2747-2753,2756,2759-2763,2765-2770,2773-2774,2776-2780,2782-2786,2795-2796,2798-2800,2818,2820,2830-2831,2850,2852,2864-2866,2870-2871,2891
ACT 200,2600-2612,2614-2617,2620,2900-2906,2911-2914