Delivery & Shipping

COVID-19 | Shipping

Recently due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), shipping is inevitably affected. Every country and region is facing shipping delays of various degrees. We will do our best to keep you updated and informed about your order during this time as new information becomes available.

If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please email us at and we will be more than happy to assist you, 7 days a week.

Shipping Policy

We deliver products domestically (US) and internationally.

Shipping costs are influenced by the size and weight of the product and your location, exact shipping costs are calculated in the shopping cart and will be added to the order total before checkout. 

Orders are generally dispatched within 3 business days and shipping times are estimated at between 5 - 30 business days depending on your location.

For US orders, some of our products are available in our US warehouse, if there is an option to choose 'ship from US' under the shipping dropdown, the specific product will be shipped from our US warehouse with UPS or USPS, otherwise, your order will be shipped internationally. US domestic shipping takes 5 - 10 days, 

For international orders out of US, we provide global shipping,  shipping time takes 15 - 30 days with S.F express (delivered by the local post) or Fedex.

Orders can be tracked through the website 17 Track using the tracking number you received.

All duty & taxes charged by the destination country are at the customers expense.  

Frequent Asked Questions

Q: I have been waiting for my parcel(s) for very long time, when shall I expected to receive my parcel

A: You may check the shipping status of your order through the following link with your tracking number, please select S.F express as the carrier, international shipping usually takes 15 - 30 days.

Q:the shipping status was not updated for a long time

A:Generally after the item has been sent by the carrier, it will be processed and enter tracking information by the carrier. however there might be a delay between these scanning events and tracking availability in the carrier's system. Usually it takes a few days for processing, therefore the tracking information may not appear online immediately, processing might takes longer time due to the pandemic recently, please try to track again later.

Q:When will my order be shipped from

A:For US orders, some of our products are available in our US warehouse, if there is an option to choose 'ship from US' under the shipping dropdown, the specific product will be shipped from our US warehouse with UPS or USPS, otherwise, your order will be shipped internationally. 

International orders out of US will be shipped from China. 

Q:What Carrier will be shipped through in my country

A:Your parcel will be shipped through your local post (i.e USPS in US and Canada Post in CA)

Q: I have been waiting for a very long time, can I just cancel my order and get a refund

A: Orders can be canceled as long as they haven't been packed or shipped, please contact us as soon as you can through Email if you would like to cancel a order. once your order was shipped, you can't cancel it anymore. however you can return the unwanted products back to us. please return the unwanted product(s) back to us and make sure the returned items are in perfect condition, you should send back the unwanted product(s) at your own expense, we will issue the refund back to your card within 3 business days upon we received your return.

You may check the detailed return and refund policy through the following link

Any other questions? please email us

Special notice on Shipping to AUSTRALIA

currently we are only able ship to the following post codes in AU, kindly have a check before order if you are in AU, moreover, P.O. Box is not acceptable in AU.

State PostCode
WA 6000-6001,6003-6012,6014-6031,6033-6038,6050-6066,6069-6073,6076-6077,6081,6090,6100-6112,6122,6147-6160,6162-6176,6180-6181,6208-6210,6809,6827,6830-6832,6849-6850,6865,6892,6900-6907,6909-6926,6929,6931-6947,6951-6957,6959-6961,6963-6970,6979-6992,6997
VIC 3000-3006,3008,3010-3013,3015-3016,3018-3034,3036-3062,3064-3068,3070-3076,3078-3079,3081-3088,3093-3095,3101-3111,3116,3121-3138,3140-3156,3161-3202,3204-3207,3212-3228,3230,3240-3242,3250,3331,3335-3338,3340,3350,3352-3358,3427,3429,3437-3438,3444,3446-3448,3450-3451,3453,3463,3515,3523,3550-3552,3554-3559,3561,3564,3612,3616-3623,3629-3632,3676-3678,3683,3685,3687-3691,3694,3730,3737-3738,3740-3741,3747,3749,3800,3802-3803,3805-3807,3809-3810,3818,3910-3913,3915-3916,3918-3920,3926-3931,3933-3934,3936-3944,3975-3977,8003,8007-8012,8015,8045,8051,8060-8061,8066,8069-8071,8102-8103,8107-8108,8111,8120,8205,8383,8386,8388,8390,8393-8394,8396,8399,8500,8511,8538,8557,8576,8622,8626-8627
TAS 7000-7002,7004-7011,7015-7019,7021,7025,7030,7050-7055,7109,7140,7170-7172,7212,7248-7250,7253,7258,7260,7262,7270,7275-7277,7290-7292,7300-7301,7303-7304,7307,7310,7315-7316,7320,7322,7325,7901-7909
SA 5000-5001,5005-5025,5031-5035,5037-5052,5061-5076,5081-5098,5106-5118,5120-5121,5125-5127,5142,5158-5174,5350-5353,5355,5371,5800,5810,5839,5860-5904,5920,5942,5950
QLD 4000-4014,4017-4022,4029-4032,4034-4037,4051,4053-4055,4059-4061,4064-4070,4072-4078,4101-4125,4127-4133,4151-4161,4163-4165,4169-4174,4178-4179,4205,4207-4230,4271-4272,4275,4280,4285,4300-4301,4303-4306,4311,4341-4347,4350,4352,4354-4364,4370,4374-4378,4380-4382,4400-4401,4403-4405,4500-4511,4519-4520,4550-4568,4570,4572-4573,4575,4650,4655,4659-4660,4662,4670-4671,4737,4740-4742,4744,4750-4751,4753,4798-4800,4802,4805-4812,4814-4818,4820,4850,4854-4856,4858-4861,4865,4868-4873,4877-4885,9000-9002,9005,9007,9009-9010,9013,9015,9464,9600,9726
NSW 1021-1022,1025-1030,1045,1100-1101,1117-1118,1120-1121,1123-1125,1128-1129,1135-1136,1140-1142,1155,1161,1169-1174,1176-1177,1186,1190,1201,1205,1207,1231,1239,1291,1314,1340,1350,1401,1405,1419-1420,1440,1481,1484-1485,1493,1560,1602,1635,1670,1685,1701,1781,1825,1851,1871,1874,2000-2002,2004,2006-2013,2015-2050,2052,2055,2057-2077,2079-2082,2084-2097,2099-2148,2150-2168,2170-2179,2190-2200,2203-2214,2216-2234,2250-2252,2256-2265,2267,2278,2280-2287,2289-2300,2302-2308,2310-2312,2314-2327,2330-2331,2333-2335,2426-2430,2439,2441,2443-2448,2450,2452-2456,2484-2490,2500,2502,2505-2506,2508,2515-2520,2522,2525-2530,2533-2535,2538-2541,2555-2560,2564-2567,2570-2580,2611,2619-2620,2640-2643,2646-2647,2650-2652,2708,2731,2745,2747-2753,2756,2759-2763,2765-2770,2773-2774,2776-2780,2782-2786,2795-2796,2798-2800,2818,2820,2830-2831,2850,2852,2864-2866,2870-2871,2891
ACT 200,2600-2612,2614-2617,2620,2900-2906,2911-2914