Be Gorgeous Beauty - Exclusive Licensed Painting from Illustrator SUDA

Be Gorgeous Beauty - Exclusive Licensed Painting from Illustrator SUDA

We're thrilled to introduce new diamond painting - Be Gorgeous Beauty, which is an Exclusive Licensed Painting from Illustrator SUDA!

SUDA is an illustrator who pursues freedom, she likes to observe girls and record their life and emotions into paintings.

self portrait from SUDA

Therefore, the girls in her paintings are various, ignorant, beautiful, retrospective, lonely, melancholic, low self-esteem, each painting represents the real individual.
I really love these natural and fresh stories reflected in her simple brushstrokes.

Be Gorgeous Beauty is a mixed drill diamond paintings which contains round drill, AB drill and rhinestones, it's available to order from our website now.

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Be Gorgeous Beauty
Full Drill Round with AB and Rhinestone


About this artwork from SUDA

"Be Gorgeous Beauty" was inspired by a friend I met at work last year. She has bright, brave and determined eyes, just like beautiful flowers. The city flower of my hometown is the chrysanthemum symbolizing integrity, so I combined this beautiful girl with the chrysanthemum. The girl wears a crown of chrysanthemums and is dressed in chrysanthemum costumes. The stars around the girl symbolizing romance and freedom, I hope the bright colors bring a beautiful and optimistic mood, a happy and positive attitude towards your life.


About this Diamond Painting from Lucy

This is our very first collaboration with illustrator SUDA, when I first saw the painting, I was attracted by the gorgeous colors and the eyes of the girls. I'm always obsessed with red-haired girls. I can feel the enthusiasm and vitality from them. 

We have two versions of this design with different sizes, one is the regular size which is 40x52cm, you will be able to buy this size on Amazon.

Another larger size is 47x61CM, it's exclusive on our website only. The details shown on these two sizes are similar. If you are an experienced diamond painter, you may prefer the large-size one, in my opinion The larger size is also more collectible.

I used orange AB diamonds to decorate her beautiful hair, and green AB diamonds to decorate the chrysanthemums blooming around her. I used 3 colors of rhinestones on the blue part of her body that resembled water splashes or flames, in order to make the final effect looks more shiny and layered.

Because the original design has many gradients and superimposed colors, it is not easy to reflect these color details with diamonds, but the rich colors still give her a good final look.

SUDA sends 20 hand painted girls portraits paintings as a gift, woo, we will distributed it randomly to our customers who purchased the newly released Be Gorgeous Lady diamond painting from SUDA. limited quanitity, first come first serve.😊

I hope everyone will love this work, like SUDA, and we will look forward to work with her more in the future. Stay tuned.





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