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Glue Set for Poured-glue Canvas

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*This glue only use for Poured glue canvas,not working on double-sided tape canvas.



7* 3 ml glue for diamond painting canvas

7* Brush 

1* Instruction paper


1.Squeeze some white glue from the bottle onto the canvas.

2.Use the small brush in the kit to spread the glue evenly on the canvas where you need to use it.

3.Wait 3-5 minutes, when the glue turn from white to transparent, you can continue to drill.


*Squeeze a small amount of glue at a time to prevent the glue from making the diamond sticky.

*If you use glue on a small area, use the tip of the brush to dip a small amount of glue and apply it to the position you want on the canvas.


*The shelf life of glue is usually 6 months.

*Please keep it out of children’s reach.