What is Diamond Painting

What is Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is a fun new crafty hobby where it breaks images down into patterns. Similar to cross-stitch and Paint by Numbers, it's a great way to relax after a long stressful day. Each kit comes with thousands of diamonds, you can create the stunning DIY diamond art by applying diamonds to a labeled canvas. You can frame or mount your paintings onto a canvas to showcase your diamond painting once finished and decorate your room.


We offer four types of diamonds

Round diamonds: easy and fast to applicate, our round diamond is much sparkle with their 27 facets.

Square diamonds: fit edge-to-edge for a total mosaic look, no canvas showing through, providing a complete mosaic effect.

AB diamonds: have an iridescent coating that mimics the glow of the Northern Lights. they only came in round diamonds.

Crystal Rhinestones: transparent colored diamond which can make a brilliant art works

Why Staroar

Unique Design: Staroar have created our very own patterns from images that have been legally licensed. we are also collaborating with some illustrators now, don't miss out our exclusive designs.

Premium Canvas: our wrinkle prone cotton canvas is more soft and light than the normal canvas. the edge are well cut which makes your painting looks fabulous.

Quality Printing: Our paintings are clearly printed on the canvas with vivid color.

High Quality Tool Kit: We are providing the best tool kit in every single diamond painting, including a easy pour-spout diamond tray, high quality tweezers, diamond pen with a 4 placer and a 7 placer. a cute wax, multiple release papers to replace the cellophane which can help to complete your project more convenient. and enough quality writable bags for storage each color.