updated version of Abstract Flower and Poppy- 01/08/2019

Hello Everyone,
This is Lucy from Staroar, today I’m going to show you 2 of the re-designed paintings, Abstract Flower and Poppy, they were initially released in June, I made some changes on the pattern design recently to make it looks better.
The first one is Abstract Flower, I have enlarged the canvas size so it has more details now, the dew on the flower looks better. At the same time, the pink area makes the picture more shinning and beautiful because of the light of the AB drill.
Another different part is the symbol. I added the circles on top of the symbols, so it’s easier to align the drills when placing the diamonds.
you can get it from here:
The second one is the new Poppy Flower, the previous version of the poppy flower has AB diamond, this new version does not, I like the old version of, very beautiful. However because the rhinestone is transparent, the color transition between regular round and rhinestone is somewhat unnatural. The new version of the poppy background is regular round, the flower area is bright, the whole picture is more solid, layered, the color transition is natural, of course, the symbol also has a circle.
you can get it from here:
I hope you like these 2 new designs and have a nice day. 😃


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