October new designs - Above the Moon and Luna Moth

Hello Everyone,

Happy October, how are you doing, this is Lucy from Staroar, it's long holiday - the golden week here so I'm taking a break and travel with my family, I hope you guys are all great as well.

We just released 2 new designs 2 days ago, they are above the moon and luna moth, these 2 paintings are Staroar's biggest 2 paintings and they are the exclusive kit which is only available on our official website staroar.com.

Luna Moth

It's a sparkle painting with lots of details, so we are using a very large canvas which is 46x46 cm,  the wings is made by white AB drill, which is very prominent on the dark background.

After finished the sample, I redesigned some details: I added more AB drills on the flash under the wings which makes the finished painting more shining.

Link to Purchase: Luna Moth

Above the Moon

It's also a 46x46CM painting with our new soft lint canvas with ribbon, the whole painting has a lot of beautiful blue and purple diamonds, I'm using white rhineand purple AB diamond on the elf hair and skirt part, after completed the sample, I added light and dark blue rhinetones to decorate the sky. These rhinestone shines like real diamonds in the sky :), making the whole painting more three-dimensional, shining and unique.

Regarding the circle symbols on top of the round diamond painting canvas, I heard some feedback from our customers that the black line of the symbol is not looking good so I decided to remove the circle symbol with the training wheel, so don't worry about the black line of the symbol when the diamond is not accurately attached.

Link to Purchase: Above the Moon

I hope you will like these 2 new designs, and if you have any feedback for suggestions, please feel free to let me know, thank you for for your support. :)




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