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New Year, New Start

Hello my friends,

This is Lucy from Staroar.

It's been a while since I updated our blog, I hope you are doing great, I'd like to share with you some of our recent updates:

Our canvas has some small changes this year.

Firstly, I added a cute icon in the upper left corner of the canvas besides our text logo, hopefully it would help everyone remember Staroar better.

It's also a symbol which indicates that we will have a new start this year: all of our new designs will be fully licensed, we have marked the artist’s name at the upper right corner so that everyone will know who is the original author of this design.

Our new canvas with new logo

Some of our fans might know that historically, some of our diamond paintings' original design were coming from the gallery of the factory which we worked with, then I will work on the pattern design by my own, there were some mis-alignment and mis-communication on the license before. sometimes we have been told by the factory that they already got the commercial distribution permission from the artist, however when we started to sell the produced paintings, there were couple of time that our fans reached out to me and told me it's an unlicensed painting. personally I truly respect artist's work, in order to prevent this from happening again, starting from this year, we will stop using any pictures from the factory's gallery. we will make sure that all of our new designs will be fully licensed with the artist's name printed on the canvas.

Another changes of the canvas is, I have added two diamond legend on the both side of the canvas as well, so it's much convenient for you to work the diamond paintings.

a new diamond legend on the right side of the canvas


Moreover, we are going to release multiple new designs in the following weeks, please stay tuned! 

Have a nice week ahead my friends, stay safe and healthy, see you soon. :)


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