Staroar X illustrator Lan

We have two new diamond paintings Mermaid Story and Lady Butterfly for this week.

They are the exclusive licensed painting from Illustrator Lan, she designed the poster for Movie X-man: Phenix and Deadpool 2 before. I love her paintings a lot so I'm really thrilled to work with her and transform her work into diamond paintings.

For Lan, painting is way of storytelling, it's also a way to express her motion and thoughts. the characters in her painting has vigorous vitality in a dark and miserable style.

Her artwork will surprise you at the first glance, it has a strong and recognizable eastern style, the characters are mainly female, it's splendid and gorgeous, reminiscent of mural art and miserable dreams.

Mermaid Story

About the original design - from Lan

Mermaids are mysterious and beautiful creatures. There are many poignant love stories about them in different cultures. They are brave, kind and beautiful princesses in the sea, as well as the bearers of a heartbreaking and suffocating fate.

The mermaid in this painting is surrounded by blue discus, it's a species native to rivers of the eastern and central Amazon Basin downriver, it seems a little unreasonable and presumptuous to appear in the ocean, but their splendor is irresistible in the painting.

About the diamond painting - from Lucy

It's a painting that full of details, initially I tried to use the most common size for pattern design, which is 35 x 47 CM, but the details of the mermaid are almost invisible at this size. The details of the mermaid's face, especially the eyes, were all lost and there were only few pixels left. So I kept trying to zoom in, along with the consideration of some restrictions like cost, packaging, logistics and storage. Finally, I chose a larger size 54 x 72 CM, which can better reflect the details of the original design. I'm using the white AB drills to decorate her dorsal fin, the blue discus are decorated by orange AB diamonds.

Lady Butterfly

About this original design - from Lan

Inspired by the opera "Madame Butterfly", although it's a tragic love story, this painting showed the firm side of women. People like to compare women with flowers, In fact, women are similar to butterflies, breaking through themselves, released from the dark cocoon and finally soared

About the diamond painting - from Lucy

There are lots of details on the Lady Butterfly painting, especially the butterfly on the top of her head, as well as the tassels on her cloth, which is difficult to represent in the form of diamond painting. There are indeed some regrets, but when you complete such a masterpiece, you can feel the brilliance radiated by tens of thousands of diamonds. I'm really excited and can't wait for that moment to come. 


I hope you will like our new diamond painting, let me know if you like Lan's design,  so I can transform more of her beautiful artworks into diamond paintings.


Stay safe and have a nice day. :)














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