Diamond Painting Stickers - Princess Series Released

Diamond Painting Stickers - Princess Series Released

Hello Everyone,

This is Lucy, wish you a wonderful labour day weekend for those celebrating.

We have released 6 diamond painting stickers this week, each one is a individual set, you can get it on our website now.

Link to Purchase:

Diamond Sticker - Princess

Each sticker package contains every thing you need to start the project including : 1 sticker paper , Square diamond bags, 1 tray ,1 wax, 1 diamond pen.

Staroar diamond painting sticker Disney princess jasmine

How to get started

1.Peel off the film and work on the diamond sticker 
2.Use the drill pen with the wax to paste the diamonds onto the drill area, stick it in the corresponding symbol. 
3.Tear off the sticker and paste it where you want.

All of the diamond stickers are square diamond which is more tight and  solid.

The sticker is waterproof, and canvas is made with special material that won’t be damaged after press or stretch.

We currently have 6 characters diamond stickers, they are Elsa from Frozen, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and Snow White.

Staroar diamond painting sticker Disney princess

When you finish the project, it can be paste on a suitcase, a laptop, a notebook, or any flat surface you want to decorate.

Who is your favorite princess? Pick up your loved on and work on it, you can create a little art which is easy to start.












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