August new designs coming, Tinker Bell, Briar Rose and Forest Tale

Hello everyone, this is Lucy, how are you doing, we have released 3 new designs this week, so I'd like to tell you more stories behind these 3 new paintings today.

I have recored a video for these new designs, you can watch the video to have a better view on the new product, we are having a lucky draw on our youtube channel at this moment, leave your comment on this video, you will get a chance to win a 99% discount coupon which you can used for one of these new products.

The first one is Tinker bell, it's a stain-glass style picture and there are so many details and colors in this painting, I have made a quite large size canvas for this painting, it's almost twice than the stitch painting.

staroar diamond painting tinker bell disney

I found that rhinestone is not easy to perform the color of the skin, so I use the normal round diamond instead, for the green and yellow colors of the clothes, I use another shiny AB drill. I think it's the most difficult and beautiful painting I have "at the moment.", I really like the effect of her wings.

staroar diamond painting tinker bell disney

Link to purchase: 

Round AB with Crystal Rhinestone - Tinker Bell [New Canvas]

The second one is Forest tale, I was attracted by its color and cute image at the first seen. I can imaging the little girl met a baby unicorn in the forest. What a healing and adorable story.

I used white AB drill in the unicorn, which makes it looks more like a sparkling creature in the fairytale. and I also use orange AB drill for the little girl's hair. 

staroar diamond painting forest tale unicorn

Link to purchase: 

Round with AB Diamond - Forest Tale [New Canvas]

The third one is Briar rose, This painting is a full crystal rhinestone design, it is the magic rose from beauty and the beast.

My only regret is that the stars in the picture, it can't show the original picture even in a larger size. but You can use your creativity. Maybe you can try to replace some diamonds with the white AB diamonds if you have. so try to make your own starry night sky.

There are some slight differences in our tool kits as well. we are using the new plastic tip in our drill pen which I have introduced before, we have include an extra small straightener in the kit as well. I hope these small changes will provide more convenience for you, I have received a lot of positive feedback from you for our tool kit so I hope I can make it better and better.

staroar diamond painting drill pen

If you need more release paper in our kit, we now offer a 60-piece set, the size of the release paper 120x160, it's same on both sides, with either side facing down.

staroar diamond painting release paper

Link to purchase:

60 pcs Pack of Release Paper

In addition, we now have this plastic drill pen tip set, the price is the same as the other drill pen tip set, it's also a pack of 10 tips, the price is $7.99.

Link to purchase:

Multi Placers for Diamond Painting Pen 

Thank you for reading this blog, wish you a nice day and see you soon.




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