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Colorful Blossom - Full Square

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$18.99 USD
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In this garden of relentless strife,

Each flower's a tribute to the zest for life.

Rooted in courage, reaching for the sun,

Embracing the challenge, never to be undone.

So marvel at the bloom, the resilient grace,

In its boldness, it finds its place.

A symbol of life's unyielding will,

A reminder that beauty thrives, through every ill.

26 colors Full Drill Square diamond painting.

Fabric size: 35 cm x 45 cm.

Drill Area: 30 cm X 40 cm.

Package includes:
1 premium high-quality canvas rolled and packaged carefully.
Colored resin diamonds (Different colors in labeled baggies)
English printed instructions booklet with inventory sheet

A tool kit is included containing:
1 pair of tweezers (Tweezers adjust the diamond, avoid cracks)
1 Diamond drill pen (with 4 placer and 7 placer )
1 funnel-style tray (easy to pour with a Funnel shaped spout)
A wax pad used to pick up diamonds with the diamond pen
Quality plastic bags for diamond storage
Release papers to replace the clean cover paper