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Lion and Maiden - Full Square

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In twilight's hush, a maiden met

A lion in the woodland set.

Her gaze of warmth, his fears did quell,

In silent bond, they knew so well.

She touched his mane, his fears abate,

In gentle strokes, a shared fate.

Through woods they roamed, a tranquil pair,

In wordless speak, a friendship rare.

In this sweet moment, under twilight's gleam,

A tale was born, like a cherished dream.

Of a maiden and lion, in harmony's stay,

A fairy tale woven in nature's sway.

23 colors Full Drill Square diamond painting.

Fabric size: 35 cm x 45 cm.

Drill Area: 30 cm X 40 cm.

Package includes:
1 premium high-quality canvas rolled and packaged carefully.
Colored resin diamonds (Different colors in labeled baggies)
English printed instructions booklet with inventory sheet

A tool kit is included containing:
1 pair of tweezers (Tweezers adjust the diamond, avoid cracks)
1 Diamond drill pen (with 4 placer and 7 placer )
1 funnel-style tray (easy to pour with a Funnel shaped spout)
A wax pad used to pick up diamonds with the diamond pen
Quality plastic bags for diamond storage
Release papers to replace the clean cover paper