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Starry Night - Full Drill Crystal Rhinestone

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26 colors super shiny Full crystal rhinestone diamond painting from Staroar.

We use pressure-sensitive adhesive instead of double-side tape, which has long-lasting viscosity and clearly symbols. Canvas has been glued manually, there is no case of glue seams or bubble issues.

Package include:

  • Quality canvas and beads,
  • 1 easy pour-spout diamond tray,
  • 1 double-sided diamond pen 
  • 1x 4 placer 1x 7 placer
  • 12 x Wax papers.
  • 26 x writable reseal bags.

Tools Kit

About Staroar

Staroar is a boutique diamond painting brand, with our high quality canvas, unique designs, premium tool kits and various kinds of diamonds, to bring you the most joyful diamond artwork. In terms of similar art designs, long time shipping and all the bad issues, we try to make original pattern designs and always keep looking for better supplies so that we can provide you top experience of this amazing art. 

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Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We strive for 100% happy customers, If mistake happens or you need any assistance, please contact us via email ( .

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What is Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is a fun new crafty hobby where it breaks images down into patterns. Similar to cross-stitch and Paint by Numbers, it's a great way to relax after a long stressful day. Each kit comes with thousands of diamonds, you can create the stunning DIY diamond art by applying diamonds to a labeled canvas. You can frame or mount your paintings onto a canvas to showcase your diamond painting once finished and decorate your room.